• why my watch run out of all power after 2-3 days?(Battery life issue)
    It depends on particular situation, Long-term connection along with high consumption , especially when using calls and WeChat. Raise your hand frequently will also consume the power. It is recommended to turn off the function of hand raising
  • Is the watch comfortable to wear? May i be allergic or uncomfortable after long-term wearing?
    Our watches are mainly light and thin, equipped with soft leather watchband, environmental movement silica gel, watchband are comfortable to wear after strict health testing, there will be no allergic phenomenon!
  • Why turn wrist not bright screen
    when you turn your wrist on at 10:00 PM this function is turned off by default . You can adjust the time of screen on in the APP. According to your rest time in the evening, you can change the time to 00:01 am to 23:59 am
  • The watch cannot receive WeChat messages and there is no call reminder?
    Hello, turn on the notification switch in the phone APP settings.
  • Can I wear it in the bath? Will it be damaged unevenly by heat?
    Hello, it is recommended not to wear a watch to take a bath.
  • Can this measure blood pressure? Is it accurate to measure blood pressure?
    Hello, blood pressure can be measured. The blood pressure measurement is for reference only.