• Is the step counting accurate? Is it synchronized with WeChat?
    Hello, our pedometer chip is imported with high accuracy, real-time synchronization, and it can also be bound to WeChat pedometer synchronization.
  • Does it support Android phones? Does it support Apple phones?
    Hello, both Android and Apple systems are supported.
  • Can I wear it in the bath? Will it be damaged unevenly by heat?
    Hello, it is recommended not to wear a watch to take a bath.
  • Is the battery life good? I bought it for running, can the function work?
    Hello, the battery life is very strong, this is a smart bracelet, so it mainly depends on your frequency of use, the normal use time is about 3-5 days, and the standby time is about 7-10 days!
  • The bracelet I bought cannot be connected, but the display on the bracelet cannot be connected?
    Hello, download the APP, turn on the Bluetooth, and connect through the APP.
  • Is there a payment function?
    Hello, our watch does not support this function temporarily.