• Is there a pace function?
    Hello, yes, you can see this function in the mobile APP.
  • Why is the back flashing and flashing?
    Hello, this is measuring heart rate.
  • Does Bluetooth have to be turned on during use?
    Hello, always connected, data can be synchronized, if you don't use the mobile phone information function, you can not connect to Bluetooth, the data will be synchronized automatically after the connection.
  • Is the accuracy of the health test high?
    Hello, accurate measurement of heart rate and sleep.
  • Can pregnant women wear it? Who are you using?
    Hello, you can bring it.
  • Does the watch have a charger?
    Hello, it is equipped with a data cable, which is common with the mobile phone charging head. This charge can be used for 4-7 days after charging for 1-2 hours.