• Is the strap easy to break?
    Hello, it is not easy to break, but it cannot be destructively operated. Our straps are often tested and passed quality inspections from the factory.
  • Does this product have radiation?
    Hello, our products have no radiation and have been environmentally tested, so you can use them with confidence.
  • Can I make a call? Can you answer the phone?
    Hello, you can't make calls, there are call reminders, you can hang up the phone.
  • Does it support the Huawei movement?
    Hello, don’t support?
  • How long is the deep sleep time?
    Deep sleep is a part of sleep, also known as "golden sleep", which only accounts for 25% of the total sleep time. Deep sleep can relieve people's daily fatigue and promote the body's metabolism, which is very good for the body.
  • Is blood pressure monitored 24 hours?
    Hello, it supports 24-hour monitoring, which can be set in the mobile APP.