• Is the accuracy of the health test high?
    Hello, all kinds of measurements are accurately calculated and measured through scientific methods. The values are for reference and are not used as medical data.
  • Is the heart rate accurate and how to monitor it?
    Heart rate detection function, you can set the normal heart rate value, if there is an abnormal heart rate, the APP terminal can set the heart rate to exceed the reminder.
  • Is the watch screen full touch screen?
    Because there are many models of our brand, this should be confirmed according to the model
  • What is the craft of the watch?
    The frame A is made of metal and wire drawing, the steel shell is also scratch-resistant, and the keys are made of environmentally friendly stainless steel.
  • What are the functions of this watch?
    Hello, the basic functions of this smart bracelet include pedometer function, sleep monitoring, heart rate, blood pressure, information reminder function, additional functions: chronometer, count down, exercise, women, find mobile phones, et
  • Can I receive QQ or WeChat messages?
    Hello, you can receive it, just set it in the mobile APP.