• Can the watch switch languages?
    It can follow the mobile phone system to change the language. Support Chinese and English, several languages are divided into models
  • Is the watch waterproof?
    Daily waterproofing is ok, swimming is not recommended, bathing in hot water is not supported, bathing in cold water is ok
  • How to charge the watch? Where is the charging port?
    T2PRO charging: The charging port is at the back of the watch, and the charger is attached to the metal spot behind the watch to charge.
  • How is the product quality?
    Hello, the quality is very good! ! ! Please rest assured to buy! !
  • Where is your after-sales service address??
    After-sales address: Maxtop Digital Technology Co.,Ltd., 13316805470, B418, Minyou Industrial Park, Baoyuan Rd., Xixiang, Baoan district, Shenzhen, China
  • How to guarantee?
    Hello, all the vendors in this store have a quality guarantee for 1 year, 7 days no reason to return, there are quality problems within 1 month, replacement if there is no damage to the appearance, and any quality problems within 1 year.